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"Fincher lets lawyers see the funny side of their daily grind."  Robert J.Ambrogi, LawSitesBlog

"A talented artist and keen observer of the legal and political scene."  Mary Whisner, Trial Ad


(1) Enter a topic in the search window (slow loading as it is entering data from whole site) in the right column of this page (third item down) to search all LawComix cartoons, or you can browse the collections in the tabs, above.  (2) Email your cartoon selection and its use to charles[at] (live email link in right column, below search window).  (3) You'll receive a PayPal invoice.  (4) Upon payment, the cartoon and license will be sent to you via email. Please note that the below license fees cannot be reduced.

Search Tips
The search window loads slowly, but gives a thorough list of links to cartoons relating the topic entered. Another way to search is to click on one of the labels (red type) below a cartoon you find and all cartoons relating to that label appear.

Select Cartoons
The Newer Cartoons:  LawComixBlog has all of LawComix newer cartoons collected together in chronological order.  Go to the search window in the right column of this License page -- or to the blog --  (third item down) and enter your topic. For example, if you type in "mediator," links to cartoons related to mediator come up. Note: The search window loads slowly to be operational. 

More Cartoons at The Retired Site:  The original LawComix site was retired in May 2013. However it can still be accessed at where you will find thumbnail picture archives up to the 2013 date for each of the cartoon projects except Judge Gavel which is only available on this newer site. At the old site, click on any project on the top navigation bar and you'll go to that project's archive.

Mediation and Meetings Cartoons:  While there are these sorts of cartoons here at the new site, there are many more mediation and meetings cartoons at the retired LawComix site. Go to the Scribble-in-Law Archives to search for mediation and meetings cartoons.

Only Single-Panel Cartoons:  If  you are only looking for single-panel cartoons, go to  Enter your topic in the search window at the top right of the page. There are more cartoons at the retired site which ended on May 13, 2013. You can visit the old site's thumbnail picture archive to see older Scribble-in-Law cartoons not on the new site.

The following prices are for the non-exclusive, single use of one cartoon. 3 to 4 cartoons: 5% discount. 5 to 10 cartoons: 10% discount.  11 or more cartoons: 20% discount. 
Fees cannot be reduced.

Print Cartoon: $68. Examples of print cartoon uses are printed newsletters.printed brochures and other printed materials. The license is for the first printing with subsequent printing requiring a new license and fee. These are emailed to you in 200 or 300 dpi in TIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG or PDF format at your specification. 

Online Cartoon: $58. Examples of online cartoon uses are online newsletters, websites and blogs.  The license is for one-year use renewable annually. These cartoons are emailed to you in 72 dpi in GIF format if black and white and JPEG format if in color. Ask about other file formats.

Presentation Cartoon (Electronic): $48. Examples of electronic presentation cartoon uses are PowerPoint and other electronic presentatons to audiences. Specify dpi and format. I recommend 300 dpi though there is some disagreement on that. PowerPoint defaults your dpi to 96. However, when I reduce a 300 dpi in my art program it retains more pixels and should be a bit sharper project.

Other Uses: For questions, contact me at charles[at] Please note that the license fees cannot be reduced and that any cartoon use must be paid for. 

How to Get Your Cartoon
charles[at] with your cartoon request and its planned use. The best practice is to email the link to the cartoon or the cartoon itself.  Then, you will be invoiced via PayPal. Upon receiving payment, you will be emailed the cartoon along with your license. You can use a credit card with PayPal even if you don't have an account.

License and Ownership
You are licensing the non-exclusive, single use of a LawComix cartoon. All rights and ownership to all cartoons remain exclusively with Charles Fincher. In return for your payment, you are granted non-exclusive, single-use of the cartoon.

Customizing Cartoons
Yes, you can have your cartoon customized. For example, you can change a name in a caption. The cost for doing so will be based on my estimate of my time required. The minimum additonal fee is $50 added onto the base fee, above. Contact me on this at 

Commissioning Original Artwork
You can commission original artwork. I work in pen and ink, acrylics and oils as well as electronic art programs. Click here to see samples of work at Lawyer-Slash-Artist and Charles Fincher Studios. The minimum project price for commissioned work is $250.

Contact With Questions
Phone: 956.761.7300
Mail: Charles Pugsley Fincher
PO Box 3020
South Padre Island, TX 78597
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