Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello from Harlingen

Charlie, I found your blog. Thanks for inviting me here. I'm actually spending the night in Harlingen, before doing some work in Brownsville tomorrow, not far from you.

Then I'll be away from the Web for a few days. We're taking a trip to Stehekin, Washington, which is about as remote as I've ever been. No Internet there. Before we took off, I wanted to post at least once to show my appreciation for your hospitality.

Charlie's paths and mine have crossed over the years, but we've never been in the same place at the same time, to my knowledge. Nevertheless, he's become a good friend, entirely on the basis of e-mails, and perhaps a couple of telephone calls. (How did that happen? I'm not sure I remember.) I followed his work on Thadeus & Weez for years in the Sunday Houston Chronicle before I got to know him. I'm often amazed at his insights and always jealous of his skill at rendering them in ink or pencil.

Nice scribble here, of the judge throwing the book at the advocate. That's almost happened to me, too. I'm especially interested in the judge's features, which remind me of another cartoon character, whom I can't place. It's not Zippy, although the point on his scalp is close to the right shape. A slimmer Mr. Weatherbee? That crazy eye reminds me of someone, but who is it?
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