Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prickman Pricks: NBA-Style Bucks for Litigator

First, NBA salaries...Could lawyers be far behind?  Yes, but there is hope.  In a lateral hire of a superstar litigator, NBA-style money appeared.  Jamie Wareham, hired by DLA Piper will make about $5 million dollars a year.  YES!  Get me an agent, now.  See full story at Am Law Daily. The issue becomes how to grow the money with NBA-Style endorsements.


Tracy TC said...

That agent is called a "legal recruiter" and I recommend them highly. FTC disclaimer - I am one. =-)

Richard Prickman, Esq. said...

Great, Tracy...I'm up for the $5 mil you'll get me. But, I want endorsements, too ... maybe a line of judge's gavels. I've had them used on me enough to achieve an expertise. RP